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Home Schooling Tutors

Learners who are being home schooled are welcome to register at the center to receive assistance with from a qualified educator.
The center offers assistance to home schooling learners from learners from grades 1 to grade 10.

Homework Assistance

Let our tutors and educators assist you with homework, speeches, essays and an explanation of a poem or story. This is an assisting initiative with the goal to assist learners with their homework.

Remedial Therapy and Early intervention

Remedial lessons are available for younger learners who are having difficulty to grasp academic concepts during Foundation phase (Gr 1- Gr 3) and Intermediate phase (Gr 4 - 6). Scholastic assessments, Feedback reports and Home Remediation programs available.


Receive one-on-one or group tutoring at the Tutor Centre in Craighall. We also offer online tutoring. Tutoring is a great way to master some of your problem areas that you are having difficulty with at school.

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