Services we offer

Remedial therapy and Early Intervention

  • Is your child struggling to understand the text they are expected to read?
  • Does your child lack self-confidence when it comes to reading or completing their school work?
  • Is your child having difficulty grasping new mathematical concepts?
  • Does your child struggle to pay attention in class?

Remedial therapy assists learners from grade 1 to grade 4. During these sessions, we focus on assisting the learners to reach the milestones they are expected to reach in class.

Learners will complete a few scholastic assessments, thereafter a consultation will be held at the premises where the remedial therapist will  give you a comprehensive feedback report based on her findings of the assessments. 

Should the learner require further intervention, a personalized remedial program will be used to assist your child! 

We  use of a variety of of programs and a variety of different strategies to work on reading comprehension, perceptual skills, mathematical concepts and working memory. Furthermore, we strongly believe in the importance of movement during lessons and we implement a variety of stretching exercises regularly.

Our qualified Remedial Therapist is here to assist your child!

Private Tutoring

  • Need one-on-one assistance with school related subjects?
  • Is your child falling behind in specific subjects?
  • Does your child require supervision in preparation for upcoming exams?

We offer tutoring for the following subjects:

  • English  (Home Language and First Additional Language)
  • Afrikaans (Home Language and First Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Other school subjects like Social Sciences, Life Orientation and Natural Sciences.

Private tutoring is available for learners between grades 4 – 10. Should you require  tuition for older learners, a private appointment should be made. 

Let us assist your child with the subjects they are experiencing difficulty with at school.

Home School Tuition


You Got This Remedial and Tutor Centre is registered at Impaq. Impaq provides a comprehensive CAPS aligned curriculum for learners who are being home schooled.

Our centre offers  the following:

  • Assistance to home school learners who requires tutoring
  • Invigilation to learners who require a venue to complete their examination
  • A certified Reader and Scribe on the premises.

Please visit Impaq’s website on for further information.


We offer tutoring for younger learners who are yet to learn how to make use of Microsoft Word, Office and Power Point, as well as website design.

Our computer room also offer learners the access to make us of our CAMI, CodeMonkey and all Microsoft programs. For more information about CAMI, please visit their website at

CODE MONKEY is a coding program to teach learners the basics of coding.

The program is self-explanitatory, starting from a Basic level, moving up to Intermediate level, from there to  the Advanced level.

Learners start at any level, depending on their experience. 

CodeMonkey guides the learner from one level to another.

Register through You Got This Educational Services:

  • Minimum of one lesson per week in order for learners to have access to practice at home.
  • Use of the Computer Room – hourly session
  • Payment upfront

For additional information, please visit

CAMI is a range of interactive programs that allows learners to master skills that are taught at school. It includes Mathematical concepts, a Perceptual Skills Builder and a comprehensive reader that allows learners to focus on improving their reading abilities and reading comprehension.

CAMI is available to learners who are registered at Impaq for additional tuition.

Learners who would like to make use of the CAMI programs for revision, are also welcome.

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